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    Your Wilderness Retreat

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    Your Wilderness Retreat

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    Your Wilderness Retreat

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    Your Wilderness Retreat

Welcome to Costa Rica Beach Resort

Experience the best 5 star Costa Rica beach resort at Kasiiya Papagayo. Feel the wild nature combined with luxury service and top-notch living. Premium beach resort in Costa Rica brings you into the fantastic world of untouched nature. Look to enjoy the charming beauty of the three nearby beaches landscapes. Breathe to feel the calmness brought by fresh air from the ocean. Listen to hear the wildlife around. Perceive the real pleasure at Kasiiya Papagayo luxury wilderness retreat.

Deluxe Living & Eco-Friendly Design

Our resort assembled in full harmony with nature right into the heart of the tropical forest. Our constructions built from eco-friendly materials and have no impact on the wildness around. To keep the environment into its pristine condition is our primary purpose. 

Experience the whole property with its five beautiful air-conditioned tented suites designed by world-renowned architects AW2. Our resort powers by alternative energy produced by solar cells. Meticulously position amidst our 123 acres of a wild area, each suite places you in touch with nature to create a treasured pause, to breathe and discover the moments of life.

High-Quality Food at Costa Rica Beach Resort

A mastery chef will serve unique, organic meals made from local farms products every day. Thus, you will experience a wide variety of cooking masterpieces, fresh fruits, vegetables, and nuts. Costa Rica beach resort all inclusive service implies in-the-room breakfast, bar, restaurant, and coffee house on the resort’s territory. 


You will enjoy your breakfasts and lunches by sightseeing the captivating Kasiiya Papagayo landscapes from the wooden patio that offers enough shade for comfortable rest.

Open Air Activities

Challenge yourself with our movement programs and experience Costa Rica beach resort all inclusive with our sports programs. The Kasiiya Papagayo retreat Costa Rica foresees the ability to explore the beach resort in Costa Rica. Take diving classes or make a canoe ride to find out the alluring ocean’s beauty by yourself. If you want to feel the wind power and use it for hitting the waves, the windsurfing board will be helpful.  

Moreover, you can take horse riding lessons, rent a bike, or join a hiking excursion to explore the nearby nature at 5 star Costa Rica beach resort by yourself. Get to know more about our unique wellness activities, inspired by the nature that surrounds us by visiting Experiences

Discover more about us by visiting Our Story introducing the flavors and design of Kasiiya.

Kasiiya Papagayo


Five extraordinary tented suites have been constructed from mainly natural materials on timber frame platforms. Each offers its guests total comfort and ultimate privacy. Each promises to preserve your slice of paradise.


The making of Kasiiya Papagayo.