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    All 7 suites won
    4 architecture awards in 2020

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    All 7 suites won
    4 architecture awards in 2020

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    All 7 suites won
    4 architecture awards in 2020

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    All 7 suites won
    4 architecture awards in 2020

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    All 7 suites won
    4 architecture awards in 2020

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    All 7 suites won
    4 architecture awards in 2020

Welcome to Kasiiya Papagayo

Unwind, recharge and experience a world away...

Founded in a deep respect for the surrounding environment, Kasiiya offers guests the opportunity to rediscover the true value of time, absorb breath-taking vistas overlooking two untouched beaches and experience delicious and nutritious food prepared by our talented chef.

Last March, the world has changed for us all, we decided in two days to change our cancellation policy and reimburse all of our clients that wished to do so. This offer was very popular as can be seen on our testimonials. As the world is still precarious, we have decided to keep this policy for all bookings with travel dates up to June 2021. It will help find your pace in nature amid 123 acres of jungle and beaches with our seven beautiful air-conditioned tented suites, designed by world-renowned architects AW2, assuring full privacy to our guests. 

From your arrival at the airport, you will be assigned your own personal driver, car and guide for the duration of your stay and will be taken care of by our staff that lives on site as part of our enhanced ‘health, safety and environment protocol’ to ensure you have the most comfortable stay.

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Tented Suites


A total of just seven luxurious and handcrafted suites within the 123 acre estate ensures complete sanctuary for all guests. Each suite is exquisitely designed to allow your choice of air conditioning or the free-flowing fresh air of the jungle that surrounds you.  


Rent the entire Kasiiya estate


Please enquire about taking over the entire Kasiiya estate for your extended family and friends. All 123 acres, seven suites, three deserted beaches and extensive facilities can be yours alone to enjoy in complete privacy. Guests will be collected from the airport and looked after for the enirity of their stay by our full team of tour guides, spa and fitness therapists, waiting staff, chefs and drivers. To find out more about this exclusive buyout experience please contact us directly and we'll be happy to help. Alternatively, to find out more please click here.


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We offer unique wellness activities and experiences, helping you to explore what is undoubtedly one of the most spectacular coastlines in the world. We have designed this "Explore Costa Rica in 6 days" package to discover all of Costa Rica with us in our controlled environment. You will visit volcanoes, rainforests, jungles by the river and much more. If you would like to have a bespoke experience, please contact us. 

  Peace of Mind

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