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    Your Wilderness Retreat

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    Your Wilderness Retreat

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    Your Wilderness Retreat

Welcome to Kasiiya Papagayo

Find your pace in nature amid 123 acres of tropical paradise. Experience Kasiiya with its five beautiful air-conditioned tented suites designed by world-renowned architects AW2. Enjoy this rare opportunity to experience the wonders of natural existence in harmony with luxury at the heart of Central America’s ancient dry tropical forest. Founded in a deep respect for the surrounding environment and sustainability, Kasiiya affords guests the opportunity to rediscover the true value of time, as they are embraced by nature on its evolutionary path.

Absorb breath-taking vistas overlooking two untouched beaches that stretch well over a kilometre. Experience a true taste of the forest with gourmet meals delicately prepared by your talented private chef and served in lush surroundings.

Kasiiya is always on hand to organise memorable experiences and offer unique wellness activities, helping you to explore and appreciate what is undoubtedly one of the most spectacular coastlines in the world. Whether it’s through an inspiring encounter with wildlife or a guided trek beneath the forest canopy, Kasiiya will reconnect you with nature, revive your senses and reignite your soul from the moment you arrive.

Kasiiya Papagayo


Five extraordinary tented suites have been constructed from mainly natural materials on timber frame platforms. Each offers its guests total comfort and ultimate privacy. Each promises to preserve your slice of paradise.


The making of Kasiiya Papagayo.