All Inclusive Hotel Costa Rica

Enjoy your rest with a large assortment of activities available at our resort. Our guests can explore nature, play games, challenge themselves, and relax having a picnic at the beach. Dive to discover the ocean’s beauty, discover footpaths in the forests, and hit the waves in the all inclusive hotel Costa Rica. Moreover, you will have the ability to take a bike ride in the jungle, join local culture excursion, or take cooking classes from our chef Sebastian Guevara.

Fantastic Journey in the Jungle

Do you want to meet the real tropical forest and explore it by yourself? The all inclusive hotel in Costa Rica Guanacaste will provide you with such an opportunity. Take a walk by jungle foot lanes and see the fantastic world of wild tropical forests and meet their inhabitants. Listen to the chorus of wild birds and see how do capuchins live in their habitat. To discover the jungle deeply, you can rent a bike or order horse riding lessons in the all inclusive hotel Guanacaste Costa Rica.

Water Activities in All Inclusive Hotel Costa Rica

Take a windsurfing board to feel the power of the ocean and turn it into a fantastic ride on the waves. If you want to discover the nearby coasts, you can take a canoe and make an unbelievable trip with your friends and family. If you want to get your first catch at Kasiiya Papagayo, order the fishing boat and get an enjoyable fishing experience.

Undersea World Discovering

The world under the water glade impresses as well as the tropical nature. Don’t miss the opportunity to see the beauty of tropical fish and meet local marine life right in front of you. Here, in the all inclusive hotel Costa Rica Guanacaste we offer diving equipment for a deep dive and provide a swimming mask, tube, and flippers for those who have zero diving experience.