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    At home in nature

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    At home in nature

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    At home in nature

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Tented Suites

Our tented suites each claim unique positions within the landscape to deliver an entirely individual experience to our guests.

Set amid the calm and seclusion of Costa Rica’s spectacular natural surroundings, each handcrafted Kasiiya suite is a charming, private retreat in its own right.


Whether you want to relax beachside amid tropical forests or watch the fading rays of the sunset through the treetops from the comfort of your king-size bed, each of our generously sized eco-suites affords all the luxuries and privacy of home in a relaxed setting.


Kasiiya is evolving and as part of that we have implemented the latest procedures and technology to make sure our guests are safe and comfortable. We are working with all our hotel friends around the world to implement the best sanitization and cleaning methods available.


Wake up and throw your doors open to the song of the magpie-jay. Watch the sun sink on the horizon as you relax on your deck at the end of the day. Close your doors and windows, adjust your air conditioning and slip into luxurious linen at night. Our seven tented suites, thoughtfully located across 123 acres of wilderness, offer unparalleled comfort, privacy and security.

The perfect suite


Far from shutting the world out, each Kasiiya tented suite is carefully designed to enhance your sense of place. From the natural, earthy colour palettes to the layout that invites nature in - staying in a Kasiiya tent is an experience in itself.


The Balance Between Nature and Comfort


There is a perfect balance between comfort and wilderness at Kasiiya. Every tent has been designed to strengthen your bond with nature and enhance your wellbeing. 


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