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    At home in nature

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    At home in nature

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    At home in nature

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    At home in nature

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    At home in nature

Luxury Costa Rica Eco Lodge

Do you want to enjoy nature 24/7 and feel comfortable? Our tented suites claim unique positions within the landscape to deliver an entirely individual experience to our guests. The Costa Rica eco lodge at Kasiiya Papagayo merges with the environment and provides you with the necessary facilities to make your rest well-heeled.

Fascinating Experience of Costa Rica Eco Lodge

Wake up and throw your doors open to the song of the magpie-jay. Watch the sunset on the horizon as you relax on your deck at the end of the day. Close your doors and windows, adjust your air conditioning, and sleep in luxurious linen at night. Our five new tented suites, thoughtfully located across 123 acres of wilderness, offer unparalleled comfort, privacy, and security.

Ecologically Harmless Constructions

Our tents designed by world-renowned architects AW2. There are only fully recyclable and eco-friendly materials used in our tents. Each suite uses timer constructions that ensure reliability and help to set up a suite with no impact on the surrounding nature. Each living tent powered by green energy produced by solar cells in the Costa Rica eco lodge all inclusive resort.

Royal Comfort

Withal the nature-friendly design, our tents provide royal living standards that include air conditioning and fans to keep comfort indoor atmosphere. Full-height glass windows foresee the panorama view from the eco lodge in Costa Rica. Each tent has stable and fast WiFi internet access to integrate modern facilities into nature.


Enjoy your living in Costa Rica eco lodge with indoor and outdoor showers, two bedrooms with king-size beds each, a spacious living room, and a dedicated reading area located into a 2,000 square feet size timber lodge. Each tent equipped with a private path that helps to feel a fantastic balance between wild nature and man-crafted comfort.

Safety and Protection

Our luxury eco lodges were tested multiple times in different weather conditions by the AW2 company before installing. Whether the panorama windows are closed or open, the bug screens are always locked. Moreover, Costa Rica eco lodge all inclusive resort equipped with fire extinguishers and video surveillance in public areas.

The Perfect Costa Rica Eco Lodge

Far from shutting the world out, each Costa Rica eco lodge designed to enhance your sense of place. From the natural, earthy color palettes to the layout that invites nature in – staying in a Kasiiya tent is an experience in itself.

The Perfect Suite. The making of Kasiiya Papagayo.