Kasiiya Hotel in Guanacaste Costa Rica

Are you looking for an excellent destination to move out of a concrete city and experience the wild nature? Our resort will be a distinct place for you and your family. Meet the beauty of the magnificent peninsula surrounded by three beaches. 

The hotel in Guanacaste Costa Rica based right into the jungle and foresees quick access to the private beach. The beach has comfortable sunbeds and beach umbrellas. Thus, you can enjoy your rest on the beach in luxurious comfort in the Kasiiya hotel. Rich fauna implies unusual jungle inhabitants and marvelous marine dwellers, who will be your bystanders during the vacation.

Boundaryless Nature in Luxury Eco Retreat

Arriving at the hotel in Guanacaste Costa Rica you will become a guest in the world of nature. The untouched jungle covers all the territory of our resort. Wooden path and timber hotel constructions perfectly integrated into the environment with zero impact on nature. Thus, you will enjoy the hidden beauty of tropical forests right out from your lodge with air conditioning powered by solar panels. 


Quick access to the private beach with facilities and footpaths into the forest will help you to explore the environment and enjoy your rest in the Guanacaste hotel Costa Rica. Visit our sanctuary from civilization and sense the power of nature in the heart of the jungle.

Breathtaking Landscapes in Kasiiya Hotel

Have a good time observing the property and nature in our hotel in Guanacaste Costa Rica. Every guest has a panorama view to the jungle and coast lines right out from the timber lodge and attached private porch with sunbeds. The mind-blowing views from the dining area located on the top peak will charm you and keep in your memory for a long lime. Enjoy astonishing sunrises and sunsets in the Guanacaste hotel Costa Rica on the edge of the world!