Kasiiya Hotel Gallery

Do you want to see how luxury retreat in Kasiiya Papagayo looks? Check out our photo gallery with captivating shots of surrounding nature, jungle inhabitants, marine world, and available activities. Consider staying at our hotel with the richness eco-design to become a part of this fantastic world.

Captured Hotel Benefits in Kasiiya Papagayo

Take a look at our hotel gallery with breathtaking landscape views and happy moments of our visitors taken on a camera. Moreover, these photos represent the key-features of our hotel and show the living facilities available.


Enjoy your stay at Kasiiya Papagayo and engage in all onsite activities at the hotel. Explore nature, feel the power of the ocean, and relax in one of the most pleasant places in the world.


Our timber tents protected and constructed by the world’s known company AW2. The luxury design of our lodges has zero impact on the environment. Explore the jungle from a king-size bed into an air-conditioning tent. 


Meet excellent cuisine from our chef Sebastian Guevara. His cooking masterpieces will impress you even more than the adorable view from our dining area on the top peak. Sightsee incredible sunsets with a glass of a cocktail made from fresh local fruits.

Property Aerials

Explore fantastic coastlines, and discover 123 arches of tropical forests on the peninsula. Our guest has access to two public and one private beach that surround the territory. Capture amazing views from your timber lodge and supplement the hotel gallery with breathtaking photos.

Property and Nature

The fantastic world of untouched nature will impress you from the first seconds at Kasiiya Papagayo. Jungle dwellers living in a few meters of your tent, the tremendous beauty of marine life, and arrays of tropical birds is one of the best hotel benefits.

Spa and Gym

Do you want to stay alone and meditate or challenge yourself? Enjoy our spa with treatment specialists who will take care of your body. Furthermore, in the hotel gallery, you can find shots of the outdoor gym in the heart of the jungle and our movement trainer.