Luxury Beach Hotel Costa Rica

Relax and feel the sun's heat with the ocean’s breeze by your skin right on the Costa Rica luxury beach. Explore nature and find yourself into the jungle. Moreover, we offer the ability to challenge yourself at our fitness and yoga training and relax at personal wellness classes.

Our movement expert will help you to examine your body and teach you how to keep yourself fit. The Kasiiya movement expert uses his own practices and gets inspired by nature. Those practices combine elements of fitness, yoga, and martial arts. There are a lot of fitness and wellness zones available in the beach hotel Costa Rica. Thus, you can challenge yourself on the beach, into the jungle, or right on your private porch.

Wellness Zones at Kasiiya Papagayo

The Papagayo beach hotel Costa Rica built with a focus on a healthy way of life. The hotel’s area is free of smoking and foresees amazing capabilities to those who want to do sports and relax. All wellness zones were thoroughly designed and built from eco-friendly materials only.

Spa-Center & Personal Trainings

Our spa-center located on the luxury beach hotel territory and offers a full pack of wellness services at the relaxation zone, massages, and an outdoor bath. Additionally, you can experience our outdoor gym and fitness center in our beach hotel in Costa Rica. A personal trainer will professionally assist you and help to achieve exciting results.

Fitness Area in Tropical Forest

For those who want to relax right into the jungle, we built a fantastic fitness center in the luxury beach hotel. The training area made from timber pads the hover over the ground. These pads are perfect for meditations and yoga lessons. The main training area has a tent that offers plenty of shadow for comfort training. Hence, you can move and play right into the jungle. Additionally, there is a zipline nearby, for those who want to observe wild nature at Papagayo beach hotel Costa Rica.