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Our Stories


Kasiiya exists amongst the wildlife of Papagayo. Every decision we make is driven by our unity with our lush landscape and the wildlife it is home to. Every guest we welcome becomes part of our story.

Kasiiya in the News


AW2: Best Eco-Hotel 2020, November 2020
International Architecture Awards 2020
Lonely Planet, August 2020
Financial Times, June 2020
Forbes, May 2020
Los Angeles Times, January 2020
Outside, October 2019

Our Community


Nuevo Colon. We have just started investing in the local community of Nuevo Colon - a beautiful village of 50 families - located in Guanacaste.


Kasiiya is working together with the people of Nuevo Colon to find ways to strengthen the bond between the community themselves and help them unleash their potential to nurture a healthy and sustainable community and provide a safe environment for their children.

Read here the Newsletter about Our Community

Our Environment


Kasiiya is in one of the last tropical dry forest in the world. We are deeply involved with several local institutions in helping the safeguard of the flora and fauna in the sea and on land. Every year we launch new sustainable projects as this endeavour is limitless due to the richness of Costa Rica's biodiversity.

Our Entrepreneurs


We understand the importance of local self-sufficiency. Kasiiya helps develop a strong community based on healthy interdependency. Our programs, helping local entrepreneurs start or grow their own business, transform human capital into a social infrastructure for the entire community.


We microfinance at zero interest, support legally and administratively, and train the entrepreneur to be fully autonomous within 3 to 5 years. Each business is able to grow independently and provide ongoing employment opportunities within the wider community.

Kasiiya at Home

Wellness Inspirations. During our temporarily closure, we created some wellness inspiration to help you during those difficult times. All of our staff wanted to participate in some way, whether that be from their homes or at kasiiya Papagayo. We hope you will enjoy it.