Luxury Hotel in Costa Rica

Kasiiya exists amongst the wildlife of Papagayo. Every decision we make is driven by our unity with our lush landscape and the wildlife it is home to. Every guest we welcome becomes part of our story.

Exclusive Environment Kasiiya Luxury Hotel in Costa Rica


In our Costa Rica luxury hotel, we prioritize the forest. From the very beginning, the conservation of the tropical forest has been paramount. Our intention throughout the project is not to have minimal impact on the environment, but zero. 


Our eco-friendly constructions use alternative energy power. Thus, all buildings perfectly combined with the wild world. There is no drop of concrete in the luxury hotel Costa Rica beach. All paths made from wood, water comes from springs, and all waste becomes recycled. Thus, the surrounding nature doesn’t feel a human presence in the luxury hotel in Costa Rica. 


You will meet jungle inhabitants walking to your lodge, enjoy the chorus of wild birds, and explore the fantastic world of tropical plants in a few steps of your tent.


The Balance Between Nature and Comfort


Take comfort in the Costa Rica luxury hotel. There is a perfect balance between comfort and wilderness at Kasiiya. Every tent in the luxury hotel in Costa Rica designed to strengthen your bond with nature and enhance your wellbeing. Our resort is a unique shelter from the modern world. Here, in our luxury hotel Costa Rica, you can become a part of the environment and enjoy premium accommodation with exclusive service at one time. 


A dedicated lodge with a private lane and outdoor porch will bring you into the heart of the wild forest. The environmental beauty will invite you to become a part of this fantastic world. Enjoy your living into the premium quality lodge with indoor climate control feature and connect nature with jungle animals and tropical birds by making a few steps out of the tent. Explore tropical forests, sightsee amazing landscapes from the top peak and enjoy your rest in the luxury hotel Costa Rica beach with comfort living and leading-edge service.

The Flavour of Kasiiya

Our chef Sebastian Guevara believes the cuisine of Kasiiya should be as beautiful as the land itself. The views, the air, and the smell of the ocean inspire his dishes. All chef’s masterpieces are made from fresh, natural products. Every meal from Sebastian is unique, and he doesn’t cook it twice. 

Enjoy the flavor of Kasiiya Costa Rica in the long overlooking refectory with a landscaping view to the three beaches around, tropical forests, and the ocean. Furthermore, all guests of our luxury hotel in Costa Rica can order dinner to a lodge and explore the best evening meal right out from the dining room in their tent with a captivating panorama view.