Kasiiya Luxury Resort Costa Rica

Among with comfortable living and positive emotions, the luxury resort Costa Rica all inclusive provides luxury cuisine. Our chef Sebastian Guevara will cook unique dishes made from local products. The chef uses old receipts and combines them with his cooking practices to impress you every time. 


We use only fresh products from the local market and nature water from wells. Sebastian gets inspired by the beauty of the landscapes and the beauty of the wild jungle. Cooking is his passion, so he doesn't create one masterpiece several times. Hence, every time you'll be impressed with a new portion of creative and tasty meal from our chef.

Dinner and Lunch Areas

Here, at the luxury resort Costa Rica the beauty of landscapes amaze from the first sight. Enjoy breathtaking sunsets right out from the dining area on the top peak of the peninsula. The fantastic view on the three beaches that surround the resort opens from the overlooking canteen. The dining room implies a long wooden table with battens that offer a lot of shade. Hence, you can enjoy cooking arts from our chef in a comfortable place with a breathtaking landscape view. Additionally, we serve lunch sets-up at our Beach Cabana. This lunch place is located right on the beach and offers a pleasing sight of the ocean.

Additional Services at Luxury Resort Costa Rica

Do you want to enjoy your breakfast in a wooden lodge, sightseeing your neighbors into the jungle? Book a suite right now! We will bring you a fantastic breakfast from our chef Sebastian Guevara to your tent. So, you could meet your morning in comfort, listening to the chorus of wild birds. 

Additionally, at luxury resort Costa Rica we provide fresh fruits, bottled water, and a special diet menu per request. Our bar, restaurant, and coffee shop will be ready to serve you anytime. In case you want to have a picnic, let us know about this. We will gladly set it up right out on the beach.