Kasiiya Papagayo Luxury Resort Hotel

Immerse yourself in nature in our resort hotel Costa Rica and discover the feeling when you are alone on the planet. The overwhelming world at Kasiiya Papagayo foresees incredible experience and provides the ability to become a part of the surrounding environment. The ocean, winds, and tropical rains at this fantastic place bring you into a world where people produce no impact on nature and live in harmony with the environment. 

Here, in the luxury resort hotel, you will experience the wild nature, meet the jungle inhabitants, discover the ocean's majesty, and challenge yourself. Stupefying marine life will impress you with its variety of colors and fish species under the water. Lying on the beach, you will look at whales and dolphins swimming into the ocean. Moreover, you will have the ability to observe the fantastic world of tropical birds and listen to their chorus.

Comprehensive Freedom in Luxury Resort Hotel

Here, in the Costa Rica resort hotel, you are entirely free from any duties and schedules. Explore the jungle, discover the ocean, take yoga classes, or rest on the beach. You will get limitless access to the peninsula territory and tree beaches around. Amazing night hikes, mounting biking tours, and sunset cruises will help you to distinguish new places and meet rare dwellers right in the resort hotel Costa Rica. Take snorkeling and scuba-diving lessons to enjoy the undersea wildlife viewing at Kasiiya Papagayo.

Comfort Living Integrated to Wild Nature

Enjoy the benefits of comfort living right in the middle of the jungle. Our lodges provide premier rest with zero impact on nature. Timber lodges equipped with luxury furniture designed by the world's famous company AW2. Enjoy indoor and outdoor bathing in one step from the ocean. Air conditioning, fans, and WiFi internet access in each tent will bring modern comfort and make your rest in the luxury resort hotel 100% unforgettable.